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Much more than a Bar

It is in this magical place (ah, if these lockers could speak!) that the excellent relations that exist between the two Orders, their batonniers (chairmen) and their councils, and in general the permanent collaboration between French-speaking and Dutch-speaking lawyers, in particular on the occasion of “mixed” internships, are developing under the benevolent eye of the First Presidents and the Attorneys General of the high courts who sit at the courthouse.

A mythical place for a secular profession, this is the challenge of maintaining and developing the Vestiaire des Avocats through its famous "refreshment bar". Open only to robe-wearers, the lawyers' bar is intended to be a consecrated place and therefore free from magistrates and journalists even if, on occasion, one or the other may be invited to taste it which such beer, which such wine. User-friendliness in all discretion.

Drinks and various snacks are available in the cloakroom. Pick one up and take it away ... Avoid cravings during the sometimes interminable hearings.

To take away

De Morgen, De Standaard, 't Pallieterke, Le Soir, La Libre, and Pan are at your disposal, to change your mind... or not.

On the press side

Your events at the courthouse